Customized Scouting Reports

Scouting reports are a useful tool to assist coaches in making decisions during games. FastChart provides an area on the main page for coaches to setup pertinent information needed for each individual player. Use the fields provided by FastChart or create new ones that are specific to your organization.

In addition to the 4 fields on the main page, there is an expanded scouting report on the player profile page. Easily access it from the main screen during a game. There is a note feature located on the main screen. Take advantage of commenting on a player¬†during a game and log them into the player’s profile for future reference.

Getting Started

To take advantage of the scouting report, access it from the player profile page. Near the bottom of the page choose between the Batter Scouting Report or the Pitcher Scouting Report. Once on the scouting report page you will find 8 fields that can be used or change any of the fields to customize it for your organization. While on the player profile page, enter any historical spray chart data using the edit button .

Please note* the fields are read-only during a game.

Player Profile Page

Pitcher Scouting Report

Editable Spray Chart

Batter Scouting Report