Pitch Sequence Tracking

During a plate appearance, there is a sequence of pitches thrown to keep a hitter off-balance. The data from every pitch can lead to finding a better way to retire hitters. FastChart Baseball provides a coach with the ability to see all plate appearances when that player comes to bat. For every batter the App will display a history of all pitch sequences and the result. Batters can also review their plate appearances in the Game Log Report to determine how opposing pitchers approach that batter. After selecting the pitch type, tap in the ball or strike area and that pitch type is logged. FastChart Baseball tracks every pitch simply by tapping on the screen in the appropriate box.

How it Works

FastChart Baseball tracks every pitch by simply selecting a pitch type and tapping on the main screen in the appropriate Strike/Ball box. The pitch sequence box will show the pitch type and the result of the last pitch. Any pitch that the batter swings at will record in “red”. All pitches that are not swung at are recorded in “black”. This provides a coach with a quick reference as to how aggressive a batter is, or at which pitch types a batter swings. A history of pitch locations will be shown on the main page and displayed for each batter. To view the data for each individual pitch, the user can go to the Game Log.  Game Log Report allows users to select any pitch and view the details.

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