Spray Charts

Baseball scouting reports have been used by coaches for many years. While there are many types of scouting reports, one of the most commonly used reports is the spray chart. By scouting and tracking a batter’s tendencies, a team can gain an advantage by setting their defense according to historical data. The most common way to use a spray chart has been with paper and pencil. Now there is a better way to sift through the information. FastChart Baseball, tracks every ball in play digitally and displays it in real time. In addition, FastChart keeps a history of the spray chart in the individual player profiles.

Getting Started

FastChart Baseball has made it easier to track and display the Spray Chart while managing a game. When a batter puts a ball in play, FastChart Baseball records what type of ball was hit and places it in the correct location by tapping on the screen. FastChart Baseball tracks: Ground Balls, Fly Balls, Line Drives, Pop Ups and Bloops (weak hits). Every ball in play recorded on FastChart Baseball will be added to the batter’s historical data in real time.

How it Works

Batter Spray Chart

The Spray Chart is automatically updated as part of recording a plate appearance. That updated data will then be displayed during the batter’s next plate appearance on the main screen. The Spray Chart is continually updated for every plate appearance when the batter hits the ball. To view the player’s historical data, simply go to the player’s profile page. To add previously collected data, select the edit feature. Here you will be able to add old data you may have collected from paper charts.

Pitcher Spray Chart

To see a spray chart associated with a pitcher, go to the Game Log Report and select the pitcher you would like to review. A pitch by pitch log will take you through that players entire performance for that game.

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